Stickyworld Ltd is changing the brand name of its software platform from "Stickyworld" to "Confers" early in 2019.  You can read about the reasons behind the change of name in a blog post on our website here.

This article explains what this means for our customers and what changes are involved in the brand name change and migrating data from to .

What are the changes exactly?

We are proposing two changes. The first is relatively superficial and a small software update from the current version to replace logos of Stickyworld to the new Confers logo above. The logos are primarily seen in the footers and sign in screens.  We will also swap the term Stickyworld, occasionally used in the software interfaces, to Confers. The email address from where the email notifications are being sent from will also change to a domain. Basically, in the first change any reference to the current Stickyworld product brand is being changed everywhere across the system.

After this first change has happened, the second change relates to a major free software upgrade to your portal domain address, which is currently hosted on The new and more secure software will be hosted on a similar address on, and all your data safely migrated to this new address.

Is this a change of company?

No. Stickyworld Ltd will stay the same and terms and privacy documents are the same. They will be updated to reflect the migration to, but there are no material changes to terms or privacy policies.

When is this change going to happen?

We don't yet have an exact date, but we will start the first change at the beginning of January, and the whole migration should be complete by end March 2019. Our plan is to do this migration in a measured way, keeping all customers informed on an individual basis, and agreeing when the migration of their portal takes place.

Do admins or organisers need to do anything?

No, there is nothing to do. We will take care of everything in the back end and ensure all your data is securely migrated to the new system, all free of charge.

Will my login details stay the same?

Yes. Exactly the same but with improved security.

What will my new portal web address be?

Your portal address will be the same, simply swapping "" to "".  Thus becomes

What happens to all my old links to my portal hosted on

All existing URLs on will automatically be redirected to for a minimum of 1 year from when the changes take place. 

What if I have any further questions?

We'll be glad to talk to you about this. Just use the support function in the app and ask any questions you may have.

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