Step 1: Open the menu

Click the Hamburger menu button to open a set of menus

Step 2: Choose the Admin menu

Next, click the Admin menu.

Step 3: Find Lists 

On the Admin menu, find and click the Lists option.

Step 4: Click the + New button 

Find the + New green button and a drop down menu appears. Choose New List. 

Step 5: Add a name for your list  

Add the list name and description and save this. Now you can upload your list of contacts.  

Step 6: Prepare a CSV file of your contacts 

Your list must be a CSV file and have at least an email column.

If there are other columns they should be presented as firstname / lastname or first_name / last_name (i.e. no spacing in the column title). 

There should also be no spacing between columns.

Step 7: Import your CSV list

Click the Import from CSV file button and choose your file to upload. 

Confirm by pressing the Import button. Your contacts will then be listed and given an ID number. 

Step 8: List information 

For future reference, List information records when the list was created and who by, and the number of contacts in the list. 

You've added a list of contacts 

That's it, you've added a list of contacts to your portal. Now you can invite participants to your activities using this list.



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