What is an activity?

An activity on Confers is a time-limited online engagement event. 

Activities can be anything from online workshops, invited design reviews to full scale public consultations.  

With Confers you are always in control. There are different settings and easy to use tools so you can set up your activity to suit your needs.

Organisers of Confers activities use tools to prepare interactive content, set rules of engagement, schedule the activity, invite participants and report on results. 

How is an Activity Label used?

For every new activity an organizer creates, Confers asks some basic questions so it is set up correctly. 

One of the first set up actions is choosing an Activity Label. This defines the type of activity.  

In the set up form under Activity type, you'll see a drop-down menu.
This provides a list of suggested Activity Label's to choose from, but if your ideal label doesn't appear you can create your own if you select the Custom option.

View and edit your Activity Label

You can see your activity label almost all of the time beside the activity stage (In prep, open, closed or concluded)

Once you have set up your activity and defined your Activity Label you can still edit it or change it in the organizer view in the Set up tab. 

The label you choose will be clearly visible to participants and visitors.

It will be also be used in invitations, on the Invitation landing page and on the Learn How it Works page.  

When portal admins view the list of activities on their portal they will clearly see how they are labelled and the different types of activities.  

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