Sometimes IT policies dictate to restrict access of unknown websites or services.

There are several steps that IT departments can take in order to ensure the availability of Confers for their staff on their machines.

  1. Whitelist and the subdomains *
  2. Whitelist Amazon Cloudfront domains * (we can provide a specific list of these on request)
  3. Whitelist the 3rd party script urls if possible
  4. Enable use of Google Chrome or most up to date Internet Explorer on one or more machines for uses who need access Confers. (Confers works best in Google Chrome, Chrome also auto updates and is the most up to date with HTML5 spec and current web technology)
  5. If Google Chrome is not possible to use, an up to date version of Internet Explorer 11 or Edge will also work. IE 11 is the minimum version supported.

If you have taken these steps you should be fine. If not, contact us.

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