Confers uses the following services to provide the overall service to our customers. URLs to scripts are correct at time of writing, but may change over time as updated versions are produced. If possible whitelisting the domain part of the script URL instead of the exact path is advisable.

  • - this service serves a collection of vector font-based icons that are required in Confers. These icon fonts are included using the following script included in the head of the document.

  • - pusher is a service used to provide real-time messaging within Confers activities using latest html5 technologies with graceful fallbacks for older browser support. An example use for this is when someone replies to a comment in a activity, any people in the same Confers activity on a different machine will see the new reply appear in real-time. The pusher service is included as a script in the document head.

  • YouTube - Confers supports including youtube videos to be used as slides for commenting on, or to be used as welcome messages in activities. Videos are included using the iframe api offered by YouTube.

  • Box - Stickyworld uses the Box service for processing and viewing PDF and MS Office files. This relies on several scripts and styles hosted by Stickyworld on their Amazon S3 bucket such as:

It will also involve requests to the Box servers, so please ensure that requests can be made to the following types of URLs:

  • - maps are supported in Confers for use as slides, providing location to comments. Mapbox is a service to provide map tiling, map customisation, tools and other map related services. Confers includes a several mapbox scripts and required stylesheets in the head of the document.

  • - is a tracking aggregation service, it enables a single script to aggregate tracking events and page view data to be sent to a number of different services. The segment io script is included in the document body and is loaded asynchronously to not impact page load performance.

Confers uses several analytics and customer support through to provide product use insight, including:

  • Google analytics - analysing events, page views and traffic sources

  • Intercom - providing customer support via an in-application support widget, also records key user timeline events, such as the time a user enters a activity, when they create a comment or a reply.

  • Track.js - a service used to record uncaught JS exceptions complete with exception stack traces and user agent information such as OS, browser version

  • Heap analytics - this service track where users are clicking within the site and is used to inform us of which UI features are being used and whether engagement funnels are performing well or not

  • - this is an even tracking and visualisation service. It is used to collect events which we use to measure platform engagement and will eventually be used within the product itself to provide charts to help show participant engagement to organisers.

  • Facebook - Confers supports Signing in using Facebook, the asynchronous script is included in the document body.

  • Amazon Web Services S3 and Cloudfront CDN - most media content uploaded to Confers is processed (to be suitable for web delivery) and stored on Amazon S3, this content is then served via Amazon Cloudfront CDNs for speed and efficiency. Amazon Cloudfront urls are in  the format *

The services above may set cookies, required as part of their service offering.

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