Posting updates enable you to keep participants in the loop about project progress. 

The updates feature is useful tool to:

  1. let participants know the status of the project or any news
  2. thank them for their participation so far
  3. prompt people to add further responses or comments
  4. ask them to ask others to get involved
  5. provide a participant visible record as an audit of formal project communications.

When you post the update, it appears in the update page and an email alert is sent to the participants (unless they have previously turned this notification off).

Step 1: Click on the organiser view 

Step 2: Select Post an Update 

On the drop down Actions menu, find and select Post an Update. 

Or you can also post an update from the Updates page. 

Step 3: Type your update  

Add the update you want to share with participants and click the Post Update button. 

The message will be emailed to those subscribers who have chosen to be notified about updates. 

Your update will be also published on the Updates page for all to see. 

You've posted an update 

Good work. You've posted an update and everyone subscribed to your Confers activity will get a notification.  If you repeat this on a regular basis, then you can build up a record of good communications to participants you can refer back to.

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