In the Content tab you'll find tabs for Pages, Slides and Info notes. This guide explains each in more detail.

What is included in the Pages tab?

The Pages tab is a list of page templates which you can edit and customise to suit your activity. 

You can rename each page by clicking the name and adding your preferred title. The only page you can't rename is Updates. 

You can also edit the page itself directly if you click the Edit button with the small blue pencil.

It's easy to choose which pages you'd like to be visible by ticking or un-ticking them. 

The pages that you can turn on or off are as follows:

The About page 

The Slides page 

The Comments page 

The People page 

The Location page 

The Contact us page 

The Update and Comment pages are turned on by default. 

The Update page 

The Update page presents the updates and outcomes published by organisers.    

What is included in the Slides tab?

The Slides tab shows all of the slides content you have uploaded segmented into categories (if you have added categories).

You can rename your categories by clicking on the category title and rearrange them by dragging them into your preferred order using the hamburger icon. 

It's also easy to drag and move slides across categories.  

What is in the Info Notes tab?

Here you can add, view and edit any Info notes you want to use in your activity.

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