Landing page image

The landing page image is the first image your participant sees so it's a good idea to choose an image that expresses what your project is about. 

The image has to have a maximum file size of 2MB. To avoid any pixelation, make sure the image has a minimum width of 1200 pixels.

If your image is over 2MB, you can change the size of it using various online converters or an image software on your computer.

Image content

When uploading content to your activity you can add files up to 10MB. 

Try to add the highest quality possible as long as it's under this size limit. 

Video content

When uploading video content you have the option of using a Youtube video or uploading a video file (you can see the list of file formats in the image below). 

Youtube videos don't have a size limit, but if you'd like to upload a video file to your Confers activity your limit is 500MB.

Try to add the highest quality possible by keeping just below this 500MB limit.

Info notes

Info notes have the same maximum file size as a normal image slide - 10MB.

Creating Custom Stickers

If you make a Crowdsource Locations slide, you have the option of creating your own sticker as well as using the template ones.

A sticker is a small icon which will display as 16 x 16 pixels. We recommend that you upload an 80 x 80 pixel icon to gain maximum quality for your icon, but if you like you can scale it down to to check if that works too.

If you have any other questions about ideal image types and sizes, please contact Support.  

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