Step 1: Open the hamburger menu icon

At the top of your screen you'll find the hamburger menu icon. Click on this.

Step 2: Select the Admin button 

Select the Admin button and the Admin menu will appear. In this menu choose Settings. This opens the Settings pages you can edit.  

Step 3: Click the Public Home Page tab

Once you're in Settings, find the Public Home Page tab.

Step 4: Select the Home tab

Choose the Home tab between Details and Contact. There you'll see Featured activity and the ability to select a activity. 

Step 5: Click on the pencil  

Next to the Featured activity option, click on the blue pencil and a drop down list of optional activities will appear. 

Step 6: Choose your featured activity

Click the dropdown box to choose a activity to feature. Don't forget to save your choice.  

You've selected an activity to feature on your public home page

Showcasing an activity on your public home page is a great way to keep participants up-to-date and engaged. 

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