In Prep

Being In Prep means you're preparing your activity for publication and customising it to your needs. 

A pop up message as shown below will appear once you have set up your activity, and this explains the actions to complete in this stage.

If you manually publish your activity a check box will appear asking for confirmation. This will also highlight that after publishing your activity you won't be able to change some settings such as Response authorship. 

You can also schedule your activity to open on a specific date.

It's always a good idea to preview your activity before it's published so you can check the content and edit any typos.  


Now that your activity is published all your contacts will be automatically invited. Contacts can view the content, subscribe and start leaving comments. 

If your activity is public, you can contact the person in your organisation with Confers Admin permissions to ask them to feature it on the portal's Public Home Page. This makes it easier for visitors to find out about the opportunity to engage.  

A pop up message will explain the actions to take whilst your activity is Open.

With public activities promotion to encourage participation is really important. 

If you do decide to unpublish your activity manually, a check box will appear asking you to confirm your decision.


When your activity is closed, participants will no longer be able to access it and leave any feedback.  

Organizers can still visit it, though and a pop up message again explains the actions to take.

If you want to, you can unpublish the activity and it will revert to the In Prep stage.


Concluding an activity is the 4th stage for an activity. 

You can formally conclude your activity by posting an outcome.
This could be an explanation of the decision that has been made as a result of engagement. 

The outcome post will be emailed to all subscribers who have agreed to notifications. It will also be published at the top of the Updates page.

If you have any questions regarding the activity stages, please contact Support.

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