Step 1: View the comment

First of all, find the comment you want to edit. Do this by clicking 'View [X] comments on this slide'.

Step 2: Select the comment you'd like to edit

Next, select the specific comment that you'd like to edit.

Step 3: Click the menu

Once you've selected the comment, click the small downwards-facing arrow located to the right of the comment. 

A dropdown menu will appear. 

Step 4: Click edit

At the top of the dropdown menu, you'll see the option Edit with an icon showing a pencil and a pad. Click that option.

Step 5: Edit the comment

You can now edit the comment. 

In the same box as the comment appears, type in your new version or just edit the original comment. 

Step 6: Click Save

Once you're happy with the revised comment remember to press Save.

You've edited the comment on your Confers activity

You've successfully learned to edit comments on Confers.

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