Step 1: Click on the organizer view 

First of all, click on the organizer view of the activity.  

Step 2. Select Invite participants   

On the drop down actions menu, find and click Invite participants.

Or you can do this directly from the Invites page.

Step 3: Choose your method

Confers offers multiple ways to add contacts. 

You can simply click on Add email and add the email addresses of the contacts you wish to invite. Once you have added the email addresses click Confirm email. 

Or you can:

  • import a CSV list of email contacts
  • import contacts from a previous activity 
  • import from Contact List that pre-exists on the portal (and which has been added by the portal admin). 

These options make it quick and easy to create a large number of invites. We will be writing help articles to guide you through each of these choices. 

Step 4: Set permissions 

Decide if you want participants to be able to invite others. If you do, tick the box under Set permissions.

Step 5: Check the Invite Summary 

Once you have added your contacts and set the permissions, check the Invite Summary.  

First, add your personalised message to send to invitees. 

Next, check the description of the activity.  This will appear in invites, invite landing pages and on the subscriber home page.

Step 6: Send Invites 

When you are ready to go, click the Send Invites button. 

Step 7: Check the Invites page 

The table on the Invites page shows all the contacts that you have invited, or scheduled to be invited, and their status. 

You can revoke and resend invites from here too.

Step 8: See your contacts turn into subscribers 

The table on the Subscriber page provides a list of those users that have subscribed to the activity following your invitation, and will shows their name, email, current status and the number of slides they have viewed. 

You can revoke and forget subscribers from here should you need to. 

You've invited your participants and learned how you can do this on Confers in multiple ways. 

If you have any trouble using the invites interface, contact Support. 

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