Step 1: Click the hamburger menu

Click the hamburger menu to see the menu options. 

Step 2: Click My Activities on the Member menu

In the Member menu, locate and click the My Activities option to open a page which lists all the activities you are a member of. 

Step 3: Choose the activity you want to share

From your list of activities, choose the activity you'd like to embed in a website or blog.

Step 4: Click the Share symbol

If your activity is published, you'll see the different sharing options available.   

If you don't see these options, double check that your activity is open and public.

Click the Share symbol. 

Step 4: Choose Embed

A series of sharing options will appear including various social media platforms, email and embed.

To retrieve your embed code, click the Embed option. 

Step 5: Choose your format

Decide whether you want your embedded link to be tall or wide. If you would like it appearing like a banner on your website, choose Wide. If you'd like it running down the side of your website, choose Tall.

Step 6: Copy Embed Code

Once you've chosen your format, click Copy embed code and paste the code into your website developer site.

You've embedded your Confers activity.

Great. You've now embedded your activity into your website so people can easily find and access it there.

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