Views measures how many times the activity has been viewed by both organisers and participants. 

The number of total views is broken down by views whilst the activity was In Prep, during the Open stage and after the activity was Closed.


To the right of the Views section, you'll find information about the timeframe for your activity. 

This tells the organiser when it was created, opened and closed and even the time when the last participant visited.

Views over time

This is a line chart showing the number of views your activity has received over time. The horizontal axis refers to the time, and the vertical axis indicates the number of views. 

The green line shows the total number of views of your activity. 

The red line shows how many views are from unique IP addresses and therefore the number of unique visitors. 


The Contacts section provides important information about the status of contacts and whether they are subscribing and contributing to your activity. 

Engagement status highlights how many people have been invited, have subscribed and then contributed. 

Subscription status provides an overview of how many invites are pending and how many contacts have subscribed.  


Responses provides data on the total number of responses for the activity including forum (public) responses and responses sent privately to organisers. 

The total number of replies is also presented. 

Responses over time

The horizontal axis of the line chart presented here indicates the time since the activity opened and the vertical axis shows the trajectory of responses.
The green line presents comments and the red line replies.

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