Step 1. Select Contact us page   

Click on the blue pencil next to Contact us.

The contact details form will appear. 

Step 2. Add your message 

Add a compelling message highlighting how your visitors can find out more and engage with you. Remember to click Save.

Step 3. Embed a contact form 

If you have a contact form you want to embed, click Enable an embedded form. Add a call to action and the link to the embed code for the form. Click Save.  

You can also embed a link to a survey in this way. If you are doing this, you can write 'Take the survey' as the call to action.  

Step 6. Add social media  

Next click Enable social media. Add a call to action such as ‘Connect with us online’ and the urls of your social media channels. 

Click Save. 

Step 7. Click on Contact us page    

Click on your Contact us page. This will feature the same image as your landing page and will now provide your visitor with all the contact details you’ve added. The image of the main organiser will also be shown.  

You’ve added your contact details  

Great. You have now added all your contact details so your visitors can get in touch with you. 

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