Step 1: Click on the organiser view

Step 2. Select Add an Info note 

To pinpoint a specific location on your map you need to use the Info note feature. In the Actions drop down menu, you will see ‘Add a Info note’. Click on this. You will now see data fields to add an Info note.    

Step 3. Edit the Info note

Add the title of the Info note and all the details.  

Step 4. Select Add a location icon

Click on the small grey Add a location icon.

Your map will appear. 

Step 5. Click on the specific location

Click on the specific location on the map where you want to pinpoint your Info note. 

Press the Add button.  

Step 6. Choose a sticker

Click Set a sticker to choose what you want the hotspot, which links to your Info note, to look like.

Click Save.

Step 7. Click the hotspot to reveal Info note

Click on your Location page. You will now see your hotspot sticker. When you click on this your Info note about the specific location will be displayed.     

You’ve pinpointed a specific location

You’ve now added a particular location on your local map which is helpful for your visitors if you want to highlight a specific building or place as context for your engagement.

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