Step 1. Find Info notes in the Content tab 

In the Content tab go to Info Notes.

Step 2. Select Add note 

You will see Add a note. Click on this. 

You will now see data fields to add an Info note.  

Step 3. Edit the Info note 

Add the title of the Info note and all the details.    

Step 4. Choose a sticker  

Click Set a sticker to choose a sticker for the Info note. This sticker will be used if the Info note is located on a map, or if it is linked to on a Slide. 

Click Save. Repeat this process to add more Info notes. 

Step 5. View your Info Notes

All your Info Notes will be clearly presented in the Info Notes tab. 

Step 6. Make the link

Now you have created the Info note, you need to make a link from a slide to the specific Info note. This is the same process as adding a link to another Slide, only now it's from a slide to an Info note. 

Step 7. Place your sticker   

Place your sticker on the relevant spot on your slide where you would like the Info note. The sticker acts as a hotspot so the visitor can click on it to see the additional information. Save this.   

Step 8. Return to Links tab

In your Links tab you will be able to see the linked slides and Info Notes. 

You’ve created and linked to Info notes  

Congratulations. You have now created Info notes and added links to them to enrich your content and make it more interactive.    

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