Step 1. Select the slide to link from  

Go to the slide you want to link from. In this case, it’s proposed layout. Click the blue pencil to edit this.

Step 2. Select Links

Choose Links in the sub menu and click Add a link.

You will now see the options for adding a link.  

Step 3. Select where to link to

Choose what you want to link to. In this case you want to link to a slide so choose slide in the drop down menu. 

In Where do you want to link to, scroll down until you see the particular slide you want to link to. Click on this. 

 Step 4. Choose a sticker  

Choose a sticker from a range of options for your hotlink. 

Step 5. Place your sticker  

Place your sticker on the relevant spot on your original slide and save this. The sticker acts as a hotspot so the visitor can easily move from the current slide to linked slide. 

Step 6. Return to Links tab

In your Links tab you will be able to see the linked slides. 

You’ve added link to another slide     

You have now added links between your slides making it easy for your visitor to navigate your content. 

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