Step 1. Find Slides in the Content tab   

Go to the organizer view, Content tab and find Slides. 

Step 2. Select Add a category 

Click Add a category. 

A editable form will appear. 

Step 3. Name your categories  

Add the name of your category using one or two words. 

Click ‘Save’. 

Repeat this process to add as many categories as you need. 

Step 4. Rearrange content 

To move your slides into your categories, hover over the slide and drag it into the category. 

Delete the old slides category using the red button on the right. 

You can also rearrange the order of the categories by hovering over the hamburger menu next to the name of the category and dragging it into your preferred order.  

Step 5. Re-name categories    

If you want to re-name any of your categories, click on the name and edit inside the box. 

Click return to save your new name.    

Step 6. Click Subscriber view  

Click on the Subscriber view and your categories will now clearly organize your content.     

You’ve added categories to organize your media

Great. You have now created categories in your slides page to guide your visitor through your content. 

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