Step 1. Find Slides in Content tab 

In the Content tab go to Slides. 

Step 2. Select Add a Slide  

You will see the Add a slide button. Click on this. 

You can then add a slide and choose the type of engagement you want to associate with it. 

Step 3. Select engagement method 

Choose from: ‘Start a discussion’; ‘Ask for feedback’; Crowdsource locations’; ‘Share information’ or 'Capture structured responses'. 

Your choice depends on your engagement objective. 

Here I will choose ‘Start a discussion’. Click on this and a form will appear.  

Step 4. Add a question for your visitor   

Set the context with a statement and add one clear related question you want to ask your visitors to start a discussion. 

Step 5. Choose type of media  

Click on the type of media you want to add - from maps, photos, images, videos, PDF, Powerpoints, or 360 panoramas.  

You must choose your media type first before you try to upload it. 

Step 6. Upload your media   

Drag, drop or upload your file. 

If you are adding images or Powerpoints, sizing them to 4:3 works best. 

For images, use high res media up to 10MB. The smaller the size of the image, the quicker the load time for participants. This is a useful guide on size requirements. 

Give your slide a title, keeping it simple by using a maximum of two words, e.g. Layout, Design, Plans, Proposal One.

Click Create slide. In a few seconds, it will appear in your activity.  

You can repeat this process to add many slides. You can also add slides using different media in one activity.  

Step 7. View your content   

Each time you add content you will see it stacked under the Slides tab (re-named to The Plans in the image below) in the Subscriber view.     

You’ve added multimedia slides   

Great. You have now added multimedia content about your project in your activity. 

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