Step 1. Click on the organizer view  

First of all, click the organizer view of the activity.

Step 2. Select Invite Organizers   

On the drop down Actions menu, find and click Invite Organizers. 

Step 3. Add email address

Type in the email address of the person you want to invite and click enter. Or, you can issue invitations to a pre-prepared list on your portal. 

Step 4: Include a message  

Customise the message you want to add to your invitation. 

Then click the blue Send invite button.  

Step 5. Check your Subscribers page 

Whoever you have invited will be sent an invitation by email. Once they accept they will be listed as a contact on your Subscribers page. 

Congratulations. You’ve invited a co-organizer for your activity

That’s it. You have now invited someone else to organize your activity.

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