Step 1. Select New Activity button

Once signed into a portal, as an organiser, you will see a New Activity button at the top of the page. Click on this to open the New Activity form which you can edit. 

Step 2. Complete New Activity form

For every new activity you create, Confers asks you some basic questions so the activity is set up correctly. There is a two step process provided in a modal view.

Step 3. Add name and activity

Add a succinct and clear name for your activity. 

Choose the type of activity from the drop down menu under Activity label.

Step 4. Add objective 

 In Objective add what you want to achieve with your engagement.

Step 5. Select audience 

Choose who you want to engage. Do you want your activity to be private, public but not listed on your portal, or public? 

Then click the Next button. 

Step 6: Select response visibility 

Response visibility determines who can see the responses collected. Select if you want responses to be viewable by everyone, or viewable by organisers only. Choose what’s right for your project. 

Step 7: Choose moderation controls 

Decide if you need to moderate comments before they are published (Pre-moderation), or if they can be published immediately (Post moderation). You will be able to moderate individual comments, but this sets your preferences.

Even if you decide post moderation is right for your activity, you can still choose to moderate all Public Visitor comments, i.e. from visitors who haven’t subscribed.

Step 8: Select response authorship

You can choose to show the name of your participants once they become subscribers, or assign them pseudonyms.  

You can’t change response authorship after publishing your activity.

Step 9: Create your activity 

Once you have selected your options, click the button Create Activity.

You've created your first activity

Congratulations! You have now created your first activity on your portal customising it to your exact requirements. 

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